Episode 36

The Prison Post #36 Dee Marie, Co-Founder of Locked In

Published on: 1st September, 2021

The Prison Post #36 features a friend of ours in the Criminal Justice Reform Movement. She is the Co-Founder of "Locked In" and the Host of the podcast, "Breaking Bread." Her partner is currently incarcerated in Soledad where Jason and I spent a combined 28 years of our 42 years of incarceration. She's featured several of The Prison Post's guests like Johnny Howe and Hugo Gonzalez. After she records her show she makes her guest the meal of their choice. We think this is one of the best forms of community building, intimacy, and love for our formerly incarcerated brothers and sisters. Check out DeAnne's work on her website and on her podcast. Here's a bit more about her and the work she's doing. It was a delight to have her on our show and to even talk about some of our brilliant friends.

DeAnne Knipschild is an alum of La Sierra University. She got her B.A. in Liberal Studies in 2004 and M.A. in Curriculum and Instruction in 2007. She currently works in the School of Education as an Administrative Assistant and Advisor for students getting their teaching credentials and Master's Degrees. She also is a contract teacher for the university teaching classes on how to survive college and the history of education. Outside of work she wears many hats keeping herself busy. She is a singer who has traveled all over the country and world singing gospel music with several groups. She is currently the lead singer of a Country Rock band called “Sweet Mischief”. DeAnne believes in giving back and service to the community and so she volunteers her time singing and leading praise for churches, and helps out with community events such as free health clinics, feeding the homeless, and bible studies. She is also on the Board for a non-profit organization called Black Girl Hockey Club which promotes diversity and equality in the sport of hockey and just recently started an organization and is Co-Founder of “Locked In” which centers on 3 pillars: Communication, Education and Action to make lasting change for those affected by injustice.

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Here is the website link to DeAnne's website: https://lockedin.info/

Here is the Link to Locked In's YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbUGwIM_cp34cLwzbSiiihQ

Here is the link to her podcast for those that just want to listen: https://anchor.fm/deanne-knipschild

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