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The Prison Post Podcast #40 Robert Esquivel, Men Built for Others, Episode 1

Published on: 13th October, 2021

CROP Organization published a book titled, "Men Built for Others, Life Lessons from Those Serving Life Sentences."

One of the stories featured in "Men Built for Others" was written by Robert Esquivel. Robert was sentenced to 48 years to life at the age of 17. Today, he is a free man and has been since November of 2019. He graduated from CROP's Alcohol and Drug Counseling Program on the inside and was one of a handful of men who could be found facilitating, coaching, and supporting his incarcerated brothers within our rehabilitative community almost every night of the week. He made it his mission to support men with their personal transformation as they pursued their unprecedented futures. Because of his commitment to paying it forward, we asked Robert to share his story. Then and now, Robert lives his life as a Man Built for Others. Robert is working as Substance Use Disorder Counselor in the Los Angeles Area.

Men Built for Others, is an emotionally sobering, eye-opening, and powerfully engaging compilation of the harrowing journeys one can take when we fail to value ourselves and others. Men Built for Others is uncensored, vulnerably raw, and insightful. Men Built for Others, was written to atone for our egregious wrongdoings and prove that hope can flourish anywhere. Men Built for Others, can transform lives and open the minds of the hardest of hearts. If you're dealing with adversity, destructive habits, or perhaps desperately trying to help an incarcerated loved one; this is a powerful book showing how one can transform life's worst setbacks into miraculous comebacks and be happy regardless of where they are.

The eleven true stories are edited and compiled by Ted Gray, Richard Mireles, Jason Bryant, and Matthew Braden while they were serving life sentences in the Soledad State Prison in Soledad, California. They learned that they had the capacity to transform the culture of prison and impact our their world significantly. Today, they are Directors of the CROP Organization. CROP Organization is directed by their proximate leadership and over 110 years of experience within the criminal justice system. Creating Restorative Opportunities and Program's mission is to reimagine reentry through a holistic, human-centered approach to advocacy, housing, and the future of work. Their purpose is to transform lives and heal communities by creating integrated pathways to economic mobility, personal leadership, and civic engagement.

100% of the proceeds from our book go toward CROP's "Men and Women Built for Others Scholarship." Which paid a $33K tuition for one student to attend Palma School and he is now in college. CROP is sponsoring our second student. Please donate to our scholarship by clicking the donate button on our website at https://www.croporganization.org/ or Text CROP at 91999 to donate by text.

You can purchase Men Built for Others on Amazon here: https://www.amazon.com/Men-Built-Others-Lessons-Sentences/dp/1641840196/ref=tmm_pap_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=1634172265&sr=8-1

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With a Bachelor of Arts in Healthcare Management from California Coast University, Richard is a dynamic public speaker and expert communicator with Advanced Leadership and Communication certifications with the world recognized Toastmasters International. Having spent over 21 years inside of CDCR, Richard made abundant contributions as a cofounder of the Inside Solutions think-tank and lead intern for the CROP Organization’s programs offered within institutions. An inspiring leader and powerful orator with over 35 transformational coaching seminars and workshops, Richard possesses the uncanny ability to capture a room's attention while conveying impactful messages to any audience. He has an advanced certification as an Alcohol and Other Drug counselor (receiving a certificate of recognition from the California State Senate for his contributions to the recovery community) and was the only known incarcerated person to earn the status of associate trainer for John Maxwell’s EQUIP Leadership and its Million Leader Mandate.