Episode 41

The Prison Post Podcast #41 James Willock, Men Built for Others, Episode 3

Published on: 16th November, 2021

James Willock was raised in Sacramento, California. He was sentenced to 34 years to life at the age of 19. He was in prison for 28 years of that sentence, he went to the California Board of Parole Hearings in March of 2020.

His powerful transformational story is featured in CROP Organization's book, "Men Built for Others." He was first on The Prison Post Podcast a couple of months after he was released from prison. He came back on the show a year and shared what he's doing today 13 months after he was originally on the show and to participate in the Men Built for Others Series.

He gives back to his community, to the people around him, and to the people who are in the same situations that he was in that lead him to a life of crime and being sentenced to life in prison. Our interview with James reveals his perspectives of freedom, possibility, service, and what it is like to come home after 29 years of incarceration.

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With a Bachelor of Arts in Healthcare Management from California Coast University, Richard is a dynamic public speaker and expert communicator with Advanced Leadership and Communication certifications with the world recognized Toastmasters International. Having spent over 21 years inside of CDCR, Richard made abundant contributions as a cofounder of the Inside Solutions think-tank and lead intern for the CROP Organization’s programs offered within institutions. An inspiring leader and powerful orator with over 35 transformational coaching seminars and workshops, Richard possesses the uncanny ability to capture a room's attention while conveying impactful messages to any audience. He has an advanced certification as an Alcohol and Other Drug counselor (receiving a certificate of recognition from the California State Senate for his contributions to the recovery community) and was the only known incarcerated person to earn the status of associate trainer for John Maxwell’s EQUIP Leadership and its Million Leader Mandate.